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Steps to Lift the Immigration Ban in UAE Due to Medical Reasons

Before you come and stay in the UAE, you must pass a medical fitness test. This test is very important for all the people who want to stay in the UAE. If anyone doesn’t pass the test, they will not be allowed to stay in the UAE.

What is the reason behind the medical test?

The main reason behind the medical test is to free UAE from all types of communicable diseases.

What are communicable diseases?

Communicable diseases are those diseases which can be passed from one person to another through direct or indirect physical contact.

To get rid of all sorts of communicable diseases, UAE is taking all possible measures. This is a step forward to making UAE free from all types of diseases that can be transferred from one person to another.

To live and work in different countries, there are specific conditions that are to be fulfilled by the people. These may come under the laws and orders. If someone doesn’t obey them by any mean, they will be banned, punished or penalized. Same is the case with the immigration ban. If a person who migrates to the UAE and still doesn’t follow all the rules and regulations, they will be banned or punished. So, to avoid all such happenings, people should always watch out every step they take. This can make a lot of things work for them in a better way. Labor lawyers in Dubai can be of great help to the expatriates who want to migrate and work in UAE. This is because they know how things are regulated in UAE thus helping their clients in the best possible manner.

Get free from all types of communicable diseases

Diseases like HIV and TB can be transmitted from one person to another. For the people to be allowed to get the work and residence permit in UAE, they should be free from all forms of communicable diseases. In 2016, a cabinet resolution as passed regarding this matter. According to that resolution, all the expats must go through the TB screening test while renewing their residence visa. The reason behind it was to ensure that the person is not suffering from any transmittable disease.

During the TB screening, if anyone is found with scars or TB would be issued a residence permit for the upcoming year. Such a person would have to get the treatment for the coming year.

If someone gets banned in UAE because of their diseased condition, the removal of the ban would be very difficult. This is just to save others from such destructive diseases.

It would be highly dependent upon the diseased condition of the person whether they would be granted the permit for the next year or not. The stage of ailment and medical condition of the patient matters a lot in this case.

If you get cured of the disease, you can re-apply for the permit. In the case of chronic diseases like Hepatitis B virus (HBV), seeking proper medical help is really important.

People with serious and chronic transmittable diseases may get blacklisted from UAE. Dubai immigration blacklist removal might be a very difficult task in this case because once a person’s name goes into the list of blacklisted people, removing it becomes quite a task then.

If the person gets free from the disease after proper medical guidance, they can re-apply for the visa. Only then are the chances that their application will be considered favorable. Otherwise, there are very fewer chances that a chronically ill person would be allowed to enter UAE premises.


Labour ban is different from the residence ban. Labor ban means that a person will not be allowed to work in UAE for some period of time usually 6 months to 1 year. In this period, the person will not be allowed to work in UAE but they will still be allowed to live in the UAE. In the case of an immigration ban, there are no easy ban removals. Such a person is not at all allowed to enter the premises of the UAE.

People having such issues can take the help of labor lawyers of Dubai courts in order to be on the safest side.

Legal consultants in UAE

We know what it takes to enter and work in UAE. So, it would play a part in your favor if you get our help timely. We will guide you about the terms and conditions required to enter the UAE. If you have any queries regarding different permits, you can freely contact us. We will be there for you and we will guide you step by step for everything. Count on us for your residence or work permit needs.

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