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Termination of tenancy contacts by tenants

When a tenant agrees to sign a tenancy contract, he has to follow the terms of the contract, including the length of stay, During the course of the tenancy, situations may come up that could affect the tenant’s ability to live in the rental for the entire tenancy term. It is very essential to understand its terms and follow them carefully. If it becomes necessary to terminate the contract, close adherence to tenancy terms and conditions is considered important.

Few obligations on behalf of the tenant are follows

  • Duty to pay rent as stated in the tenancy contract
  • The tenant may not make any changes or carry out any restoration or maintenance works to the property unless so permitted by the landlord and after obtaining required licenses from the competent official entities.
  • Refrain from committing damage to the premises
  • Not to use premises for illegal purpose
  • The tenant may not remove any leasehold improvements made by him upon vacating the property.

Legally terminating a contract

Condition of rental property

The landlord should maintain the property in fit and habitable condition

  • Keeping the Common Areas Clean.
  • Performing Repairs.
  • Following Health and Safety Codes

Undertaking repairs

The landlord should manage the responsibility of major maintenance and repair works on the property and refrain from making any changes that may affect tenant’s intended benefit.

The landlord violates entry rules:

The landlord should not enter the property without prior notice to the tenant. A landlord may enter after giving the notice to

  • To Inspect the Unit
  • To Make Repairs

The Tenant May Have the Right to Break the contract if;

  • The landlord tries to enter the tenant’s rental premises for reasons that are not legally allowed.
  • continued attempts to enter the tenant’s premises without proper notice
  • Harassing the tenant

Property is illegal

If it turns out that the apartment a tenant was renting was not a legal rental unit, the tenant can terminate the agreement.

Failure to provide Security Deposits

If the landlord failed to provide an itemized statement or the failure to return the unused portion of the security deposit can result in the landlord owing the tenant for monetary damages.

Inadequate Insurance on a Rental Property

A landlord should insure a property against any lawsuits brought by a tenant. If a tenant is injured because of dangerous conditions or if a landlord illegally evicts a tenant the insurance will cover the cost of litigation and pay damages

Remedies on behalf of a tenant

Negotiating with the landlord

The tenant may negotiate with the landlord regarding any dispute related to the tenancy contract. in some case, negotiate can cure the defaults on behalf of the landlords

Claiming damages

Tenant suffers damages as a result of the landlord’s default, the tenant may sue the landlord to recover those damages.

Seek injunction

If the land beach is something that can be remedied by injunction. then seeking such injunction is the vest remedy for the tenant.

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