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UAE visa: How to lift permanent immigration ban imposed due to TB

Many people have been banned from relocating to the UAE because of Tuberculosis. In the UAE, foreigners must pass a medical examination before they are deemed eligible to enter the region to work or live, with a TB check-up being one of the mandatory tests to be conducted. Once one is found with TB scarring in their lungs, their visa application is immediately turned down forever. It is, however, possible to have the ban reviewed and even have it lifted under certain conditions.

Reasons for a strict ban on TB patients in the United Arab Emirates

Other than being contagious, TB is expensive to treat. Nevertheless, people suffering from Tuberculosis cannot be 100% productive, making a dynamic place like the Dubai unfavorable for them. Note that, while the UAE presents many opportunities, there are very strict laws, especially for foreigners, regarding their residency. Without good health, fulfilling all these requirements can be impossible, bringing complications and even leading to deportation. Being one of the most common terminal illnesses TB can lead to death if not handled properly and the UAE, under strict Sharia laws, can be very unfavorable for ex-pats in the case of their demise.

Other than TB, there are other medical tests that one must pass to be allowed into the UAE such as Hepatitis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Pregnancy, and Hepatitis C. Pregnancy tests apply for women who want to move to the UAE to work as maids, hairdressers and chefs. While in the UAE, foreigners working in the region are required to make regular visits to various health centers for regular medical check-ups, including TB tests. People who fail to adhere to this law are at a high risk of getting deported and if they miss three consecutive tests they are deemed unfit to be in the UAE.

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How to get the Permanent ban lifted

First of all, it is normally impossible to enter the UAE if you have TB. Therefore, the only chance you will get to appeal for the ban to be lifted is after prove that you are free of TB (according to Cabinet Resolution No. 5 of 2016 of the UAE.) Once you have confirmed that you no longer have TB scarring on your lungs you can give a power of attorney to a friend, attorney or relative who is already in the UAE. You will need them to run a few errands on your behalf as part of the process of trying to lift the permanent immigration ban imposed on you.

Note that the Ministry of Health and Prevention is in charge of the process; hence you will want the person to whom you have given a power of attorney to submit various documents to said Ministry. Next, you will need to take another test in a public health facility in your country. Before you can submit the document to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, you will need to have it attested by the notary public to emphasize its authenticity.

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Your test results will then be forwarded to the health facility that first detected the TB scarring that led to your ban for further verification. This process occurs if you were deported from the UAE after being diagnosed with TB. If you were not yet residing in the UAE and it was your first time applying for a Dubai Visa, you will need to send the documents to the person you awarded power of attorney. They will then be required to attest the medical documents through the ministry of foreign affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE.

Lawyers in Dubai UAE

With strict measures against some diseases and conditions in the UAE, it is beneficial that you maintain good health, especially if you intend to travel abroad. It is also important to pay attention to the requirements for lifting the ban to increase your chances. If you are already in the UAE, you can always avoid getting deported by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Regular medical check-ups are a must for foreigners. While people are allowed to have their permanent visa ban reviewed, it is important to realize that you can never get a work or a residential visa in the UAE as long as you have active traces of TB in your lungs. This applies to all other diseases that have been mentioned in this article.

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