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3 Common Types of Attestation Services

Attestation Services in UAE

There may arise so many times for the people to attest to their certificates. When it is needed, it is needed no matter what you do.

When someone has to go to some foreign country, the need of the attestation is even more.

What is the basic purpose of attestation?

To see if the documents are original or not, the documents are attested.  This is why the documents have to go through the attestation process and without attesting, nobody can actually tell if the document is original or not.

Who checks if the documents are original or not?

There are different authorities that perform the duty of checking the originality of the documents.  These authorities check different certificates of the person including the birth, marriage, diploma, degree, transcript, school certificates, power of attorney attestation and other certificates as well. all the documents are verified by these authorities and then if the certificate or the document is original, it is confirmed and it gets stamped because off them being genuine.

For the confirmation of the originality of the document, the attestation is necessary

Why do we do documents attestation?

There are a lot of reasons behind why the certificates get attested. Here are some of them;

  • if you want to seek an employment in a foreign country, you would be needing the attested documents
  • if you already live in a foreign country but want to bring your spouse or parents to that country as well, you will need to attest your documents
  • if you want to admit your kids from one school to another or want them to get admission in any school, you will need the attestation
  • if you want to attend the exam of the ministry of health, attention will be required on your behalf
  • if you are looking forward to giving the exam of the department of health, all your documents need to be attested.
  • If you want internal promotions, the attestation of the documents will be needed
  • If you want a job no matter if it is a government job or a private one, you would be needing the documents that are attested
  • If you want to change the designation of your visa from lower to higher level, the attested documents will be needed
  • If you need some sort of medical coverage or want to claim insurance for any cause, you will need to get your documents attested
  • Attested documents will be required Certificate for the Equivalency purpose.
  • If you want to take higher education from abroad, all your documents must be attested or else you will not get the admission
  • If you want to apply for the loan in a foreign country- attestation needed
  • In case of opening a bank account or changing the details of the bank account, the attestation is really needed
  • For the sake or registering a new company, attention is needed
  • If you want to grant the power of attorney to someone else, the power of attorney needs to be attested and THIS IS NOT ALL.

There are a lot of other reasons as well for which you need all your documents to get attested. You need to get the attestation services for these three types of purposes

1. Educational Documents Attestation

Above are mentioned all the types of the reasons for which you might be needing the attestation services. If someone is thinking of admitting his or her kids to a school or a new school, attestation services will be needed. Similarly, if someone wants to get admission in a foreign country, he will have to do the same. All the cases in which the edutain is dependent on the attested documents come under this category

2. Non-Educational Documents Attestation

All the documents that are not related to the education come under this category… marriage certificate attestation or birth certificate attestation. If you want to get a job or want to move around for any purpose, you will need to attest to your documents by the authorities because without them you will not be able to proceed with your activities.

3. Commercial Documents Attestation

In case of your commercial needs, you will need to get your documents attested. In this category the attestation for the purpose of registering a company or giving the power of attorney comes.

Ministry of foreign affairs Mofa attestation Dubai is the one which will give you the conformity that your documents are original after they get checked.

Certificate attestation in Dubai is very necessary in the cases mentioned above. If you also need the UAE attestation services, you must do it on time without wasting time. This is the only way you would be able to carry out the things that cannot be carried out without attestation of your documents. So, make sure you do attest your documents.

Easy Steps for Document Attestation in Dubai

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