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Benefits of hiring intellectual property (IP) lawyers

Benefits of hiring Intellectual property lawyers involves providing legal advice and handling legal disputes that arise from infringement of intellectual property. They may also give sets of rules and regulations for additional protection. You can also hire an intellectual property lawyer to help you file an application or, defend your case before court examiner or board, or write a licensing agreement. These lawyers give people incentives to improve creative works to gain a profit, which can be beneficial to the community.

Practicing areas of an intellectual property lawyer are

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • other

Intellectual property lawyers help clients in many different ways, such as:

Safeguarding intellectual property (IP)

One of the most important is safeguarding the IP from infringement. This means keeping copyrights, trademark, and patents up to date or known to the public. This may prevent unlawful use or reproduction. If someone is trying to break the law, the IP lawyer may seek legal action for either a remedy or compensation on behalf of the owner. Compensation can be provided when the violator has obtained income from the illegal use, distribution or recreation of the protected intellectual property.

Conducting important due diligence

Intellectual property lawyers may also conduct due diligence to assess the quantity and quality of assets owned by or licensed to a company or individual. Intellectual property due diligence helps to maximize the value of these intangible assets which can boost the company’s balance sheet.

Negotiating settlements

This include oriented strategies and advice for handling the negotiation of agreements and settlements within or outside legal proceedings’ lawyers assist in contacting third parties and counterparts starting formal or informal negotiations to the very last stage of executing the resulting agreement in the best available way.

Drafting important agreements

Intellectual property lawyer has experience in drafting agreements related to Intellectual property.  the written agreement typically covers:

  • Drafting deeds of assignment or transfer in which the owner assigns or transfers a particular intellectual property
  • Drafting Licensing agreements
  • Drafting of secret clauses for precautionary measures when demonstrating an invention or a product.

Interpretation of IP laws

Intellectual property lawyers may interpret laws and regulations for clients, conduct research for preparing a variety of documents, and communicate both orally and in writing with clients.

Additional benefits

some of the other benefits for hiring an intellectual property lawyer:

  • Value: an intellectual property lawyer can help determine the value of your intellectual property. Cost and requirement may vary depending upon the location and nature of the intellectual property. The exact oust incurred in obtaining an intellectual property can be ascertained by hiring an expert.
  • Expert advice: an important part of defending intellectual property is understanding the intellectual property laws. intellectual-property lawyers are expert in dealing with such cases and have a full understanding of the latest laws.
  • Drafting nondisclosures agreements: an attorney can draft a strong non-disclosure agreement and ensure that all the licenses, contracts agreements other paperwork support the intellectual property laws.
  • Conduct search: An experienced lawyer is capable of conducting a brief track on to new products and companies, and note the images and words in their marks. They can also set up internet search alerts, such as Google alerts, to receive emails when words or phrases similar to your work are mentioned online. Investigate products that appear similar.

Intellectual property lawyers in the UAE

The Intellectual Property lawyers at HHS lawyers and legal consultants are one of the leading IP groups in the UAE. Our intellectual property attorneys focus on leveraging their clients’ intellectual property to help them achieve success in the marketplace. Our IP lawyers provide advice on the most efficient methods of establishing and developing IP holdings and protecting IP rights so clients can realize the most value from those assets. You can contact us for further consultation.

M. Al Khatem

Trademark & Intellectual Property

M. Al Khatem is a senior Trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) expert in HHS Lawyers. He has handled some of the firm’s complex, high-profile cases – many involving the protection of trademark and IP rights.