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Proving Your Innocence in the Event that You are Wrongly Accused of a Crime

It’s a common thing in the world to have someone else be accused wrongly of a crime that that person did not commit. There are also cases that they are framed for doing so.

A list of advice is written below for you to be sure that you are doing the right things if ever you get into this kind of situation.

Probably, the first advice before the ones below is to remain calm and collected. You cannot win anything when your temper is flaring up.

Checklist of Proving Your Innocence

Do not say Anything

In the event that you are being asked questions by the police themselves, do not say anything if you do not have any lawyer present at the scene. There are going to be people who will make you talk and incriminate yourself so they can use it against you in court, but you must remember that you must not talk and just simply say that you cannot do so unless your lawyer is present. It is also your right to remain silent to avoid doing any harm to yourself so you should practice doing so.

One of the reasons that you shouldn’t talk about your side of the story without your lawyer is because you might share what happened in the best possible way that you can remember it but then remember some more details in the future. These inconsistencies will put you in trouble and might jeopardize your case.

Hire a Dubai Lawyer

It may be possible for you to be arrested on the spot or not; either way, you should hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

A lawyer can always read your case and listen to you to what happened even when there are inconsistencies because they are there to help you.

There are a lot of lawyers in Dubai who can assist you in this kind of happening and will ensure that you are in the best possible state that you can be.

Gather your Alibis

A good attorney can help you in doing this because they are expert in this field and are taught to do this among many others. Your attorney will be able to help you in figuring out what exactly happened and gather evidence to support your case.

One of the alibis that you can have is having witnesses. They will be asked to provide written statements that can help you in your situation. There are also cases that a lawyer will record the interviews on a video.

There can also be other evidence that will strengthen your alibi like CCTVs in places that you have been when the crime happened. Other documentation can be grocery, restaurant, gas station, or store receipts as they all have the time and date that can intensify the depth of your alibi.

There are also cases when instead of finding any evidence to support you, you will find something else that will worsen your situation. When found, you must directly talk to your lawyer what the best course of action is in order to maintain the strength of your alibi.

Get ready to Appear in Court

Once a trial ensues, which they usually do, you should be well-informed on how you should dress and act in a court. More importantly, you should be aware what happens in there. You should know the witnesses of the other party and your own as well.

Your lawyer will ensure that you are well prepared for the trial by questioning you in private and providing you the answer to rebut what the other has to say. Along with this answer is an evidence that can support it.

Aside from strengthening your alibi, you should have theories to use against the people who will testify against you. You should have proof of why you are going to claim that they are lying. It can be about personal vendetta that dates back way before this crime happened and other things that could have happened before between you and the witness of the other party.

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