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Debt Collection for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies offer insurance to their policyholders, which secures them from any risks of loss, damage, or theft. A claim is brought to the insurance companies when their policyholders require compensation as a result of the covered loss.

The insurance claims seek to indemnify the policyholder against any such financial losses. In such instances, the insurance companies claim back the cost of repairs from the fault-party.

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Recovery of Insurance Claims

  • An insurance company would be having a list of claims where they have paid for the losses and have to still recover from the fault party.
  • There are many such claims that an insurance company fails to recover. Such claims require to be recovered from a debt collection Dubai company.
  • The insurance company can either appoint a debt collection company, or they can appoint a law firm that offers debt collection services, and that can later help for any legal action if required.
  • A debt collection agent of the insurance company and begins with the debt collection process.
  • If an insurance company has overdue debts that have to be paid by the fault party, it is often that the fault party will end the conversation in a dispute as they do not want to take the liability of the damage caused.
  • Law firms in Dubai UAE that specializes in Debt Collections and Dispute Resolution can be of great advantage to the Insurance companies.
  • A debt collector can ensure the insurance company maximum possible money from the dispute resolution.
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Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Debt Collection

  • Negotiation – This is the common method of dispute resolution for debt collection. The parties come to negotiations regarding the amount the debtor pays to the creditor. The debtor in this place tries to convince the creditor to settle the debt for a less sum of money. In case the creditor is not willing to accept less than what was owed to him, he can try another form of dispute resolution.
  • Mediation – The aim of approaching mediation in the process of debt collection is that the creditor can receive all the money that the debtor owes to him. Mediation is a similar process to Negotiation. The difference is that the mediator will be a neutral third party. If a settlement has been reached, the parties will be asked to sign a settlement agreement. If the settlement is still not reached, the parties can then opt for Arbitration.
  • Arbitration – Arbitration is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution to settle the dispute outside the Court. The decision out of the arbitration process is legally binding on both the parties. The proceedings can be filed by an Arbitrator on behalf of the insurance company. A debt collector can begin the proceedings against the debtor by sending an arbitration notice. Once an amicable solution is found about the amount, the debtor pays to the creditor. This agreement will become legally binding on both the parties.
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It is beneficial for an insurance company to appoint a law firm that deals with both Debt Collection and Dispute Resolution so that an amicable solution is found for all the bad debts accumulated. This option is also found to be saving time and money of the creditors.

Hazim Darwish

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