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Different Types of Notices Issued by Interpol

INTERPOL issues a notice to alert the member countries about any crime or wanted criminals who are a threat to society. The main purpose of issuing this notice is to share some critical informant about the criminals who are absconding and help them get those criminals.

There are several notices issued by the at the requirements of authorized entities such as INTERPOL’s General Secretariat at the request of National Central Bureaus (NCBs). This is published in different languages English, French, Arabic and Spanish. This is issued against the crimes which involve a threat to humanity and society.

The 8 different types of notices are as follows:

  1. Red notice

Red notices are issued to arrest the criminals that are absconding or under arrest.  This is required to provide the details of the criminals who are suspected of a crime and can create a threat to humanity and society. This is a voluntary act no country is bound to arrest a person on the basis red notice issued.

  1. Yellow notice

Missing person reports have to be issued through this notice. these notices are often of minors who are missing and the law enforcement is unable to locate this person. This is an important notice that helps to locate a person who is missing and also helps to identify these details who are unable to locate themselves.

  1. Blue notices

When there is a criminal located within a country this notice can be issued to get extra details that may lead to evidence of the crime conducted. If there are any extra details regarding the criminal this notice is issued to get the details of that person.

  1. Black notice

When you find any details of unidentified bodies in the country then INTERPOL issues a black notice to get the correct details of the person related to the unidentified person. There are a lot of black notices issued every year to get the details of unidentified bodies whose details cannot be revealed through a medical examination.

  1. Purple notice

This notice aids Interpol’s efforts to help with environmental issues.  these are for those who are a harm to the environment and Hunt wild animals to sell the body parts for monetary benefits.

  1. Green notice

This notice is issued to criminals who are suspected of repeated crimes which Amya also continues in other countries. this notice is mostly sent to sex offenses

  1. Special notice of Interpol united nations security council

This is a kind issued for individuals who are targets of UN security council sanctions committees. These Special notices are mostly issued to terrorist groups.

  1. Orange notice

This notice is issued to set an alert about a person an object parcel bombs disguised weapons and other dangerous and explosive materials and representing a serious and imminent threat to public safety.

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Process to Check Interpol VIN

Notices issued by INTERPOL must meet some criteria as mentioned below

  • This notice is published if it complies with all the regulations of INTERPOL and fulfills all the conditions for processing the information as defined by our Rules. Protect of information and quality is ensured.
  • If a notice violates any of the rules and regulation outlined by Interpol which forbids the entity for carrying out any religious and cultural activities such actives cannot be published
  • When a person is subject to notice should be considered innocent until proven guilty

This notice helps the member countries to track the crimes who run across different countries. If you want to know more about INTERPOL notices and its purposes then you may contact experts who are well aware of international crimes. Contact us for more information and we may be glad to assist you.

What does the Interpol watch list mean?

This watch list permits access by the authorized police agencies to get the information of the criminals who are absconding.

What does Interpol look for?

Interpol is communication track the criminals who are suspected of the crime and are absconding. this is an international police agency that helps law enforcement agencies to track criminals who operate across other countries.

What is the full form of Interpol?

The International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL

What is the difference between Interpol and Europol?

Interpol is the International Criminal Police Organization which has been set up to facilitate cooperation between different international police organizations. And Europol is European Police Office which is the official intelligence agency of the European Union

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