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Health Insurance Law & Legal Responsibilities of Lawyers

Like every other person, a legal insurance agent has so many responsibilities as well. They have to perform them all on all the levels by putting all of their heart in it.

Responsibilities of Insurance Agents

The insurance agents basically serve two types of people. one is the person who has an insurance whereas the other person is the one who is the insurer. This means the person who has got the insurance is referred to as the insured whereas the one who had issues the insurance will be referred to as the insurer.

The first and the most important thing that comes in the list is the proper knowledge regarding all the laws and law theories. This is very important because if a person is not having the needle of his something he must be pro in, there is no use of having him as an agent. This is the only way the agent will be able to assist the client.

Secondly, an agent must be able to imply the contract so that the insurance can be procured for those who have insured themselves. If someone has no insurance of life health or anything related to it, there will be no use of hiring an insurance agent. So, if there is an insurance contract with the client only when the insurance agents can help their clients in the best possible manner.

Above were the legal responsibilities of the agents regarding the insured people. In case of the insurer, the main responsibilities of the legal agents are regarding the common law theories of negligence whereas another responsibility of the agent is about the written contract that basically acts as a tier between the agency and the insurer.

Common Law Negligence

You might have seen the word “Common Law Negligence” in this article more than once and it might have created curiosity in yourself as well. Well, this basically means the criteria that are used for the measuring of the actions. All these actions are measured according to the standard that all the set standards are subjected o change. That is why the decision will differ from situation to situation. This is the reason why the duty of the agent keeps on hanging and vary from situation to situation.

Duties of an Agent with Respect to his Company

An agent must never commit mistakes regarding all the proceedings. He should do every act very mindfully so that the chance of the mistake gets reduced to a great level. In addition to that, an agent must know that all of his faithfulness, honesty, fairness an all the things matter a lot. If he is not keeping up with all the things, his image can get lowered in front of the people.

Insurance Lawyers in Dubai ought to be aware of all the laws that are regarding the insurance of health and life. in this way health insurance attorney can guide thee, people, if they are getting all their rights timely or not.

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Hazim Darwish

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