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Roles and Duties of Corporate Lawyers

A professional individual who has concentrations in corporate law and studies and applies it is called a corporate lawyer. It is important that a corporate lawyer must be knowledgeable and follow the rules of the jurisdiction wherein he is practicing his profession.

As corporate lawyers, they are responsible to deal with the legal issues of businesses in the industry. Having correct information and data on the matters that businesses usually face can give corporate lawyers the proper and appropriate way of dealing and handling them.

Most corporate lawyers work at a law firm. They also do not spend so much time in court. Usually, corporate lawyers assist in contract negotiations or acquisitions.

Description of a Corporate Lawyer


An undergraduate degree is taken by corporate lawyers in their college days before they can continue to attend a law school of their choice. A study of any branch of law is considered to be one of the toughest fields to take when choosing a career.

Oftentimes, individuals aiming to be corporate lawyers take up undergraduate programs that are the leading ones in their country. After spending years studying law in a top law school, these people will have to endure the pressure of reviewing and passing the bar exam for them to be licensed and certified lawyers.


1. Understanding

Corporate lawyers are expected to have an understanding that is needed in the business industry. Knowing and being educated about the laws of a certain jurisdiction with regard to business and differences between organizations, legal entities, and such are important factors that make up a good corporate lawyer. Some specializations of corporate lawyers include restructuring and bankruptcy law, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property.

2. Legal Research

It is seemingly a requirement for every lawyer to be skillful in doing legal research as this plays a huge role in ensuring that they are aware of the laws, rules and regulations, and any changes or updates to them. When a corporate lawyer is a good one, they are not only able to answer any question that is thrown to them by their clients but also ensures that their clients are compliant with the laws of the land. And even if they are not being asked, a good lawyer will ensure that their clients are aware of their rights and duties as residents and businessmen of a country.

3. Excellent Writer

There are a lot of legal jargon and terminologies that are needed to be learned and used to adhere to the rules and regulations. There are cases wherein certain documents need to be comprised of legal language. In communication with clients and the court and drafting legal documents or contracts, corporate lawyers must be educated in the legal jargon and be an excellent writer at that as it is one of the important skills of a corporate lawyer.

4. Negotiator

Corporate lawyers are known as negotiators as well because they help their clients or even do it on behalf of them to settle in an agreement or bargain with people in the best interest of their clients.

Negotiation is not an easy task at all as it requires for you to have the skills solely dedicated to that certain aspect. It requires you to have a good persuasive ability and possibly charm to lock an agreement with someone with the upper hand for your client.

5. Time management

Any professional is good at their profession when they know how to balance every aspect of their life. Being a lawyer is a demanding job, and it requires so much time and effort but basically pays off. However, things can only go overboard and make someone breakdown when he is not exactly effective at time management.

There may come a time that there are clients from left to right, and it is up to a lawyer how he can manage all of them by finding out which one has a priority case. However, if a lawyer does not know how to manage his time, problems upon problems will pile upon him and will eventually come crashing down on him like a house of cards.

Responsibilities of a Corporate Lawyer

Basically, corporate lawyers guarantee to their clients that everything they do in their business is in compliance with the law based on what is provided to the lawyers. This is why research skill is one of the important skills that corporate lawyers should have because this is used by them to confirm that their clients are in need following the laws with their business transactions. It is also their job to advise their clients of any repercussions that might occur from the decisions that their clients plan to go forward with.

Aside from that, it’s the duty of corporate lawyers to safeguard the results before legal decisions are made by their clients. This may require them to liaise with departments that are concerned with that particular thing. With this, corporate lawyers make sure that everything is not going to backfire and help their clients even more.

As mentioned above, they also negotiate with clients and on behalf of them for better results. This is why good corporate lawyers focused on this in while they were in law school, concentrating on negotiations, bankruptcy, transactions, and others that could help them to better deal with cases in the future.

Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

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