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3 Steps to Get a Certificate Attested in UAE

Certificate attestation in Dubai is a procedure of authenticating a document by an authorized person, a department or an authority using their seal and signature. This ensures that the certificate was issued from a rightful institution or board and that the seal and signature it holds are real. The procedure certifies the genuinely of the certificate. Seek the guidance of attestation services in UAE who can help you get all your documents attested in order to use them in the country.  The UAE requires a lot of evidence to prove that a document can be trusted this process is called Attestation.

The following shall give an overview of the steps involved. This varies based on the issuing country of the document.

  • Attestation in the home country – A document is then attested to give it an international standing. The attestation of certificate is taken to the relevant ministry of foreign affairs of the applicant’s country where the document originated. The ministry attests the documents by cross-checking the details of a notary.
  • Certificate attestation by UAE embassy – The attested document is then submitted to the UAE embassy /consulate in the country of origin for certification. The UAE embassy checks if the documents have been correctly verified by the relevant ministry before stamping it. after completion of this step, it is then brought to UAE for completion for the final stage in the authentication process.
  • Certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – Once the documents are brought to UAE it is submitted to MOFA for certification. Once submitted it is checked by MOFA to ensure that it has been notarized, attested and certified up to its UAE embassy in the country of origin.

Attestation of Certificate of Outbound Documents in UAE

Certificates are attested for those who are moving out of the UAE also need to get there from the government of UAE. The Ministry of foreign affairs in the UAE has the authority to attest documents pertaining to all activities within the UAE. As per the rules, the required person must visit the below-mentioned authorities

  • Dubai Courts Notary Public,
  • followed by the Ministry of Justice
  • finally, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Certificates that Require Attestation

Any of the following certificated that may require attestation (not limited to)

  • Degree or diploma certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate

Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai

Properly attested credentials are frequently one of the prominent requirements to follow through on important proceedings in Dubai. For those who are not familiar with the procedures can contact HHS Lawyers and legal consultants for attestation of important certificates in the UAE.

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