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Tourist visas entry permits without a sponsor or host in the UAE: An overview

With the new Residency reform, travelers can obtain several entries permits without a sponsor or host. Some of the new modifications will take effect the following month as part of the UAE’s commitment to reform its visa policies and new entry permits in the UAE. For the first time, the new system provides travelers with a selection of entry permits without a sponsor or host for various visit purposes. These visas offer adjustable durations to accommodate travelers’ needs and the objectives of the visit.

The ability for ex-pats to apply for more types of visas to visit the UAE as a desirable tourist destination will be expanded thanks to these new entry permits. Tourists and foreigners who reside in and work in the UAE will benefit from the new reform. As a consequence, well to do individuals and visitors from outside who want to settle here for the long term will find the UAE to be even more attractive.

Cabinet Decision No. 65 for 2022 for the executive regulations of federal decree-law no. 29 for 2021 regarding foreigners’ entry and residency:

Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, issued Cabinet Decision No. 65 for 2022, which sets down the executive rules for Federal Decree-Law No. 29 for 2021 addressing foreigners’ entry and residency.

The ruling specifies that the rules outlined in the appendix included with the judgement will apply to the golden residence and will go into effect on September 5, 2022. The order, recently published in the Official Gazette, establishes rules and processes for embassies and consular organizations representing the UAE overseas and issuing visas.

New residency reforms to tourist and new entry permits in the UAE:

The following amendments to tourist visas and new entry permits in the UAE are effective immediately:

  1. Visit visa

The new visa will be available starting in September 2022 and will enable visitors to the UAE to remain for 60 days as opposed to the previous 30 days. According to new regulations published in April 2022, new immigrants to the UAE will begin receiving a 60-day visit visa in September. Holidaymakers and those moving to Dubai will have twice as much time there, thanks to several improvements to the UAE’s visit and resident visa system. In the past, several nations, including visitors from the UK, US, and Australia, were granted a 30-day visa upon arrival. Following the 30-day term, you would have nine days of grace before paying to renew your visa or risk incurring daily penalties of Dhs 100.

  1. Multi-entry tourist visa

Besides the standard tourist visa sponsored by UAE tourism businesses, a five-year, and multiple-entry visa is now available. This much-expected admission visa will enable visitors to take a deeper look at the UAE. There is no sponsor needed for this new visa. To be eligible, the applicant must have maintained a bank balance of $4,000 (or an equivalent amount in another currency) for the six months before the visa application. One requirement for staying in the UAE for 90 straight days is that you cannot remain for more than 180 consecutive days in a calendar year.

  1. Job exploration Entry Visa

This visa does not need a sponsor or host. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization ranks those who get it in the first, second, or third skill level and also college graduates from the top 500 universities globally. Having a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent qualifies as the minimal educational qualification.

  1. Business entry visa

The objective of this entrance permit, which doesn’t call for a sponsor or host, is to entice investors and businesspeople to research business and investment prospects in the UAE.

  1. Entry permit to visit relatives or friends

According to the most recent revision, a visitor may apply for this entry permission if they are a friend or family of a UAE national or resident. Both a sponsor and a host are not necessary.

  1. Entry permit for training and study

This license is designed for people doing training and education courses and participating in internship programs. The sponsor may be a university, an accredited research institution, a government agency, or a private business. It needs a letter from the organization outlining the specifics of the study, training, or internship program, as well as how long it will last.

  1. Entry permit for a temporary work mission

This Entry Permit is meant for those who have a short-term job, such as a probationary period or a project-based mission. The employer is supporting this visa. It needs a temporary employment agreement or a letter from the employer outlining the reason for the visit and documentation of one’s physical and mental fitness for the job. 

For more updated information about entry permits without a sponsor or host in the UAE and types of new Tourist Visas, please don’t hesitate to contact HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants.



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