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Stopping the Spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19): UAE Allows Visa Renewal Without Exiting

As part of an attempt at containing the coronavirus outbreak, entry visas to UAE were suspended starting 17 March 2020. In a statement that was issued by Identity and Citizenship Federal Authority, the organization’s decision was made as a preventative measure in stopping the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019. The announcement came following the World Health Organization’s announcement that the spread of COVID-19 was considered as a pandemic

The authority affirms that this specific decision stems from the deep sense of responsibility as well as the diligent efforts of the UAE government in collaboration with the other countries that have been affected by the disease. The UAE is contributing towards the fight against coronavirus by making sure its citizens are properly taken care of and will be able to survive the ongoing crisis, including the economy.

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What About Those That Require Visa Renewal?

Fortunately for those that are already in the country, the UAE government allows the renewal of visas without having to exit its borders. There’s a lot of options that are available, including the assistance of experts for renewals of visit visas. 

The best part with the elimination of exit for visa renewal is there is no need to go out and risk a person’s safety and well-being just to legally stay in the country. The update to the procedure for seeking a visit visa renewal in UAE also offers convenience for those that prefer staying in the country. 

Residents may apply through the official app of Dubai; however, it is advised to seek the help of experts when it comes to the matter. Take note: the new procedure for renewing a visit visa is not just for those who are visiting for leisure purposes as it also applies to job seekers. Those who are seeking employment in the UAE no longer have to exit the country just to renew visit visas. 

Tourist Visa: Who are Eligible?

According to UAE authorities, tourist visas are intended for those that are not eligible for the application of visa on arrival. It is also the alternative for those that can’t secure passage to the UAE without the use of a visa. A tourist visa may be obtained by an individual that is from certain countries. Women that are below eighteen are not eligible in applying for the visa unless they’re traveling with parents. 

According to the resolution passed by the UAE Cabinet last July of 2018, kids that are under eighteen years old are to be accompanied by adults and they may be able to get free visas for visits that are between 15th of July to 15 of September every single year. 

What is a Tourist Visa’s Validity?

Depending on the plan of an individual for the visa, a tourist visa in the UAE may be issued for a duration of thirty or ninety days, multiple or single entry. 

How can a Visit Visa be Renewed?

The renewal for a visit visa, as mentioned earlier, no longer involves leaving the country. In order to accomplish the task, it is advised to seek the help of experts such as travel agents. According to UAE authorities, all kinds of tourist and visit visas may be extended for a period of thirty days and twice without having to leave the borders of UAE. 

Tourists and visitors may apply for the 2nd renewal prior to the first one’s expiry by paying to experts and completing the renewal process. 

Overstaying Fine: How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Visa overstayers that don’t renew will be fined Dh200 for every single day of the overstay. This is calculated ten days following the expiry date of the visa. 

Are there Exceptions to the Visa Extension Rule?

Yes, the rule for visit visa extension doesn’t apply to all those that belong to the following categories:

  • Residents that are accompanying a GCC national;
  • Tourists and visitors that are residents of a GCC country; 
  • Individuals that were issued special entry permits; 
  • Individuals that are given a ninety-six-hour permit for a certain special mission 

How Should I Ask the Assistance of an Expert for Visit Visa Renewal in UAE?

Since it is advised to seek the help of an expert for visit visa renewal in order to flatten the curb of cases for COVID-19, here are things you should remember:

  • You are to contact an expert three days prior to the expiry of your visit visa in order to complete its renewal; 
  • An agent will contact you three days prior to the visa expiry if you have reached to the professional earlier; 
  • It is best to contact an expert during office hours and from Sunday to Thursday 

We know you may have questions regarding visit visa renewal in UAE. Call us today for answers to your concerns. 

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