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3 Changes in the UAE Visa System and Their Requirements Effective on October 21

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known to have a government that has a lot of goals for the betterment of the citizens, residents, tourists, and businesses in the country. It ensures that they have the best interests at heart of those aforementioned people.

Striving to be and staying as one of the most advanced countries in the world, the government of the UAE continues to find ways to completely change things here and there that would positively affect the country as a whole. From infrastructures to the tax system, the UAE always ensures that the economy of the country grows incessantly with every opportunity presented to them.

What’s with the Changes?

The UAE has been consistently progressing by expanding and growing from one sector to another. Its economic strides have helped for these changes to be possible. These changes are particularly for families, which is not a surprise as the country is known to be focused on family.

What are These 3 Changes?

1. Visa for widows and divorcees

Women in the UAE who suffer from a loss of their husbands or those who go through the divorce would be given a one-year visa extension starting from the date of the death of their spouse or the date of the divorce. They wouldn’t need to procure a sponsor for their visa application. This includes their children as well.

What are the Requirements?

  • Visa should not be expired
  • They should be under the visa of the husband
  • Proof of divorce or death of the husband should be presented
  • Extra money is not needed to be paid in leaving the country after the one-year visa expiration
  • Medical fitness certificates for widows/divorcees and the children (over 18 years old) should be presented as well as the Emirates ID
  • Proof of the mother’s capability to provide for her children
  • In some Emirates, health insurance might be asked
  • Payment of AED 100 for the one-year residence visa
  • Payment for the cancellation of the old visa of the mother and children
  • A tenancy contract under the name of the mother needs to be presented

2. Visa for Students

Students who have finished Grade 12 or university studies will be given a year-visa that is also renewable for another year. This gives the students the time to make plans and choose what they want to do in their lives.

This is particularly a useful change for the male students above 18 years of age as female students under the visa of their parents, and they can stay in the UAE until they get married. They can then be sponsored by their husband or company.

What are the requirements?

  • Students must be above 18 years of age—high school and university graduates
  • Attested education certificates need to be presented
  • Payment of AED 100 for the visa fee
  • AED 5,000 should be given by the parents as a guarantee deposit parent that can be refunded after the change of visa
  • Holders of this kind of visa are not allowed to stay outside the country for longer than six months

3. Visa for Visitors/Job Seekers

Holders of visit visas in the country are now allowed to apply twice for a 30-day visa extension without going out of the country for an exit. Job seekers are mostly benefitting from this change because they are given the chance to continue searching for a job while being spared from the burden of traveling, hotel expenses in the country they exit to, and other expenses. This will help them lessen their expense.

However, this can only be extended twice. After these extensions, the person in question needs to leave the country or face the possibility of paying for fines.

  • Payment of AED 600 for each extension
  • This visa extension needs to be extended through the travel agent that applied for the person’s original visa

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