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Visa Extension for Divorcees and Widows are Now Available

Divorcees and widows can now extend their visas for a year. This will start from the date of their divorce or the death of their husband. Applying for this kind of visa extension will not require them of any sponsor. They will only pay a small fee of AED 100 for the visa extension.

The UAE government aims for women lessen their suffering as they and their whole family go through a divorce or a loss of the head of their household. Women and children need to leave the country before after divorce or dead of a spouse, but because of this certain reform, these women and her children will be able to get back to their feet.

What are the Requirements one-year extension for visa?

There is a list of requirements that applicants need to meet in order to avail the one-year extension for their visa. Applicants should be informed of the following and prepare them in applying for this visa:

  • Current visa should not be expired
  • They should be under the visa of their husband
  • Proof of divorce or death of the husband should be presented
  • Medical fitness certificates for widows/divorcees and the children (over 18 years old) should be presented as well as the Emirates ID
  • Proof of the mother’s capability to provide for her children
  • In some Emirates, health insurance might be asked
  • Payment of AED 100 for the one-year residence visa
  • Payment for the cancellation of the old visa of the mother and children
  • A tenancy contract under the name of the mother needs to be presented

Applicants should also note that they would not need to pay any extra money upon leaving the country after the one-year visa expires.

What’s with the Changes?

Laws and provisions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) change so often that it should not surprise anyone anymore. However, these reforms that were announced earlier this year will change many lives in the country. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) announced the implementation of these said reforms to begin on 21st of October.

It helps that the UAE continues to expand and grow as a country. It develops through its economic strides that it makes. And as it does so, they make goals and implement them for the betterment of the whole country along with it is its citizens, residents, tourists, and businesses that reside in the UAE. The UAE government always ensures that the people who come and stay in the UAE, and even those who just visit, will be as comfortable as they can be.

With regard to the changes, it is not new that the UAE introduces provisions or reforms for good families because this country focuses on family ties. With its goal to stay as one of the most advanced countries in the world, it still does not forget to put the people in mind as every change that is made is guaranteed to be for the good of the country and everybody in it.

The positive effects that these reforms will make in the country radiate through every individual, which is a lot in number, who needs this from the start.

What are the Other Reforms?

There are other reforms that are implemented on 21 October 2018, not just the divorcee and widow one-year extension of visa. Visitors and families are benefiting from these three reforms as well. This new reform scheme widows, divorcees, graduate students, and visit visa holders are going to find this beneficial. A two-year visa extension will be given to students after Grade 12, and visit visa holders or those who are looking for a job in the country will be able to apply for a 30-day extension twice without exiting to another country as what usually happens.

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