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Dubai non-Muslim expats can get civil marriage license in 24 hours: all you must know

In the UAE, a non-Muslim family court was established in February 2023 and is available to expats. According to the new legislation, non-Muslim couples wanting to marry in Dubai may get a civil marriage license in only 24 hours. In the Emirate, non-Muslim couples may now apply for a civil marriage contract that permits them to wed in a civil ceremony, according to a Dubai Courts notice. These couples may get a Civil Marriage license under their new legislation within 24 to 48 hours.

New Federal Personal Status Law in Dubai

Federal Law No. 41 of 2022, often known as the New Personal Status Law, became operative on February 1, 2023. Civil unions are now officially recognized in the UAE for the first time. If any non-Muslim expatriates insist on having their home country’s laws applied, the New Law strives to provide them with more legal equality and protection.

The new Federal Personal Status Law, which is just seven pages long, regulates marriage, divorce, and inheritance for expatriates and non-Muslim nationalities living in the UAE. It will describe the divorce proceedings that may be started jointly or unilaterally and control marital requirements, contracts and documentation processes before the courts.

In addition, the new decree-law organizes the processes for resolving financial disputes after divorce and establishes shared custody for the kids. Also included in the decree-law are the processes for testaments (wills), inheritance, and paternity proofs.

Civil marriage in Dubai

A specific kind known as a “civil marriage” is performed and recognized by the state rather than a religious organization. Hence, they are seen as a secular alternative to church weddings and are often favored by nonreligious couples or couples of several faiths. The new legislation permits foreign nationals to form a civil union if they fulfil specific requirements.

The couple must be at least twenty-one years old and openly agree to the marriage before the authenticating judge. Additionally, the spouses may agree on the contract’s terms, the rights of the husband and wife throughout the marriage, and the rights that apply after a divorce. The process entails filling out the form created in this manner in front of the judge.

The same judge then legalizes the marriage if all requirements and formalities have been followed, and the contract is then recorded in the specially created official register.

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Couples who are not Muslims may get a civil marriage license.

Couples may apply for civil marriage license following the new Personal Status Law, which took effect in February 2023. Before receiving the license, the couple must fulfil a few requirements.

Eligibility requirements for civil Marriage in Dubai

Article 5 of Federal Decree-Law No. 41 of 2022 on Civil Personal Status determines civil marriage and lists the following prerequisites for it to occur.

These are the criteria:

  1. Neither must be Muslim.
  2. At least one of the two individuals must live in Dubai.
  3. A minimum age of 21 is required.
  4. They must provide proof of their single status.
  5. They must attend in person or through a representative.
  6. They must provide original PDF copies of their ID and other electronic records.
  7. When applying, they must have a copy of their Dubai residency permit, Emirates ID, and original passport.
  8. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation must fully certify the documents and accredit the legal translation into Arabic to a translation agency recognized by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Position before New Personal Status Law

Formerly, non-Muslim couples in the UAE might be hitched at a religious ceremony, embassy, or consulate of their home nation. Nevertheless, a non-Muslim man and woman may now formally register their marriage as a civil contract thanks to the passage of the new personal status legislation.

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Documents required for Civil Marriage License in Dubai

  1. According to the Dubai Courts website, the concerned party must file a Power of Attorney if the couple hires legal representation.
  2. They must also produce a certified copy of their marriage certificate from the embassy of their country of origin, which attests to the fact that the couple is legally single.
  3. When submitting their application, the couple must provide their original passports, Emirates IDs, and copies of their current Dubai residence permits.
  4. Every document has to be certified and translated into Arabic.
  5. Once the couple meets the requirements set out by Dubai Courts to be qualified to file for the civil marriage contract, they may begin preparing their application procedure.

Cost of Civil Marriage License in Dubai 

The total cost to get a civil marriage license in Dubai is AED 482. This amount consists of court expenses of AED262 and service fees of AED220.

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