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File a complaint against an insurance company

People having complaints against the insurance companies can now lodge their complaints by using the online medium. Their complaints will be addressed in just 3 days and they will be able to handle their problems as easily as ever.

The department of health funding in Dubai resolve the complaints against the insurance companies in just 2 to 3 days. In most of the cases, they make sure that they do what they claim and they have been quite successful in it as well. Insurance dispute lawyers are also playing their role at their best in order to help the people with insurance disputes suitably.

Filing the complaints through the proper channels can help the people in resolving their matters in a relatively shorter time which makes the things a lot easier for the people having issues regarding insurance.

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The insurance cover is really working well in order to provide people with solutions to their problems.

People in Dubai will no longer stay away from their rights regarding health insurance claims. All the residents will now be able to get their insurance cover appropriately as it is working really well. A huge number of people are now using the cover.

Volume of complaints

The number of insurance disputes in UAE is comparatively lesser than that of the people who are enjoying their insurance cover. Still, the authorities are making sure that people having insurance disputes get to settle their problems as soon as possible.  The total number of transactions that take places are really high which has now become the daily basis ritual. So, if anyone is having any major issue or problem, they should report it to the authorities as soon as possible. Their issues will get solved in a very minor time of just 3 days.

Complaints against the insurance department

Within just 2 working days, all the complaints of the people against the insurance department are attended and resolved in a very less period of time. The authorities take a maximum of 4 days to handle the matters in an accurate manner. In a number of cases, people are unaware of how things actually work. Where there is a lack of understanding, the concerned parties educate the people and clear all the ambiguities of the insured people. In some of the cases, the matter is about the shortsightedness of the professionals. In such cases, the errors are rectified by the authorities properly.

Complaints of the readers

There have been several complaints from the side of the readers. In such cases of management problems, the people are advised to file such insurance related complaints online. No matter what type of a dispute people are facing, they will get to resolve it in the most desirable manner.

Registering a complaint against an insurance company

  • First of all, you need to register your complaint to the department of insurance redressal. It will take almost 1 to 2 working days for responding you back.
  • In case you want to go through an emergency procedure, you will not be requiring any prior approval. This is because it can be carried out right away as needed.
  • If the issue is regarding health insurance, the medicines approval can be taken through online means within 2 to 3 MINUTES.

In the case of health insurance, a person needs to know the maximum limit of the medicines they can get through the insurance so that they may not stay in any confusion. The card reads the medicine percentage to be 10% whereas that of outpatient procedures is 20%. For example, if you need to take a laboratory test and you are being charged Dh200 for that, you will instead be charged Dh20 as co-insurance which is no doubt a great relief. Similarly, if the consultation fees of your doctor are Dh300, you will only have to pay Dh30 to your doctor.

Insurance no doubt helps the people in a number of cases. If anyone feels like he or she is having problems regarding the insurance, he or she should definitely file the complaint as soon as possible. This is the only way you can get what you deserve right away. File the complaint and get what your right is.

Insurance dispute lawyers in Dubai

If you are having any sort of ambiguities regarding your insurance, you must consult insurance dispute lawyers in Dubai. They are very well aware of all the implementations of the insurance. They will thus guide you in the best possible manner. They will also help you lodge the complaints against the insurance companies if they are on the wrong side. In short, they will be beside you whenever you feel their need. So, if you are having insurance of any type, you will get all the benefits related to it.

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