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Get documents attested in Dubai or get a true copy of an original

If any one or more parties sign an agreement between themselves, they would require attestation. Different documents like marriage certificates, partnership withdrawal, clearance certificates, etc. should be attested for their verification. A lot of firms provide attestation services in Dubai.

Attestation services keep the concerned parties away from getting burdened on extensive legal processes. All the individuals or the parties concerned with the certificate or the agreement must first pay a visit to the notary public in UAE. After going to the Dubai courts notary public, the concerned parties are supposed to visit the Ministry of justice and the ministry of foreign affairs.

Do Not Take A Leave from Office for Attestation!

HHS lawyers and consultants will not make you take leave from your work because their office timings are 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. This means you can visit them any time you want even after your own office hours. After attesting the documents from Dubai courts, you can give them to any representative for the sake of further attestation services.

Here Is A Complete Guide for Attesting Your Documents In UAE

Step1:  Dubai Courts Notary Public

Take 2 or more than 2 original documents along with all other supporting documents, original of course. Take along your passport or ID as well. If the documents need to be in both the languages English and Arabic, make sure that both of them are translated and stamped. There you will have to pay AED110 for the services.

First of all, take the token from the reception for meeting the notary. Notary will verify the document. After that, take your documents to the second official after obtaining another token for the sake of comparing your signatures. Go to the cash counter and pay the amount for notarization. Collect your document from the second official you went to and move towards the notary for the storage of one original document in the archives.

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FAQs About Attestation that You Need to Know

Locations of Dubai Courts Notary Public

Attestation is no longer carried out in Dubai courts. Different branches are there to assist but they follow the government timings.

Step2: Ministry of Justice

the ministry of justice is located on the 5th floor of Al Serkal Building in Dubai. You can either go there by your own or send a representative.  There you will have to pay AED 52 at the reception of the office. After paying the fee at the reception, redirect yourself towards the room where your document will get stamped within a few minutes.

Step3: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located in Bur Dubai near the consulates of Oman and Jordan.

Fee structure may differ for different documents but the average fee for each document will be AED 150.

Get A True Copy of Original Documents from Dubai Courts Notary Public

One original document is taken for scanning and archive purpose. This is a good way of keeping your documents safe because in case you lose any of your documents, you would be able to obtain another original one from Dubai Courts Notary Public. For obtaining it, you would need to pay some extra amount of fee. If you want, you can use the obtained documents in place of your misplaced documents. One thing you need to note here is that this service can only be availed at the morning time.

Steps to Follow for Obtaining Documents from Archives
  • Visit an authorized typist and ask him to type a request in Arabic for you.
  • This will be carried out only after you show him the original or the copy of DCNP sticker having the archive number. It may cost you about AED 15.
  • Take the original or the copy of DNCP sticker in the morning time for requesting the typist for the request.
  • Pay AED 30 after showing your identity proof and get a print out which will then be stamped with the date and DCNP ‘True Copy’

Carry out the above-mentioned steps for attestation and attest your documents.

This will not only help you verify your documents but also save them in case you lose them or misplace them.

True Copy Attestation in Dubai

You can get the services of certificate attestation services in Dubai from HHS lawyers in remarkable ways. They are very well at attesting the three main types of documents which include educational documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents. HHS lawyers will help you attest your documents as easily as ever. You will not have to worry about anything regarding attestation when you take their services. They have experience of more than 30 years which make them even better for the services. This is the reason why it is one of the top law firm located in Dubai.


Hazim Darwish

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