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Guidelines to Attesting A Marriage Certificate

Attestation is legalization and acknowledgment of the authenticity of a document that makes it legally binding. It is a process followed to verify if documents are authentic and valid. Muslims and non-Muslims are allowed to get married in the UAE, while a few shifts to UAE following marriage in their home country. A lawyer can assist in marriage certificate attestation, for the certificate to be considered valid in UAE.

  • Attesting the marriage certificate is a process to verify and recognize the marriage valid in the UAE.
  • The attestation procedure may require various documents, including the following:
  • The original marriage certificates
  • The passport copies of the concerned parties
  • For attesting a marriage certificate in the UAE, the certificate’s validity needs to be verified from the relevant authorities in the country of origin.
  • The procedure for attestation involves the following:
  • The marriage certificates require attestation from a notary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin.
  • This certificate needs to then be attested by the country of origin embassy in the UAE.
  • After which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE will complete the attestation process, for the marriage to be considered valid in the UAE.
  • The general requirements in a valid marriage certificate are:
  • The details of the bride and groom such as name, age, address and marital status before the application.
  • Details regarding witnesses present during the marriage and the person who has officiated the marriage.
  • Information regarding the marriage such as the date and place of marriage

Importance of attesting a marriage certificate for UAE visa

  • Sponsoring the dependants on a family visa

Attestation of a marriage certificate is mandatory in order to sponsor a family in the UAE. A visa can only be provided to the members of the family such as spouse and children if the valid and recognized documents are submitted.

  • Processing of Residency Visa 

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs have developed the prevailing practice that requires the attested certificates for a residence visa of the spouse and the child, such as marriage certificate, and birth certificate of the child to be submitted. There are various immigration benefits that people may receive if there is am attested marriage certificate.

  • Avoiding legal complications

It is essential to get a marriage certificate attested in the UAE, as the marriage will not be considered valid without a recognized certificate. Living together as a couple without an attested marriage certificate can be considered as illegal and can cause legal complications. It is in the best interest of couples shifting into the UAE, to get their marriage certificate attested to avoid any complications.

  • Acquiring benefits associated with being a spouse

There are various benefits provided to individuals working in the UAE, such as health benefits and taking loans to name a few. Having a valid marriage certificate enables the dependant spouse to access such benefits as allowed by the regulations governing the benefits.

  • Provides the couple with immigration benefits

3 easy steps to get marriage certificate attested in UAE

Attestation services in Dubai

It is considered vital to get a marriage certificate attested as a proof of the validity of the marriage. HHS Lawyers provide a team of qualified attorneys that provide attestation services for various documents in the UAE.

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