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Job exploration visa requirements in the UAE: A complete guide

One of the new entry permits announced as a part of the UAE’s Advanced Visa System, which went into force on October 3, is a new “job exploration visa.” More information regarding the new permit, including its cost, available choices for validity, required qualifications, and application process, is included in this article.

Previously, people looking for work would go on standard tourist visas. The new single-entry visa intends to draw skilled and talented professionals to the UAE’s work market. A sponsor or host is not necessary, which is more significant.

What is a Job exploration visa for the UAE?

In the past, foreigners looking for employment in the emirates had to enter the UAE on a standard tourist visa. A new visa has been made available by the UAE specifically for job seekers, allowing them to visit the nation and explore their employment prospects.

To attract more dynamic, talented and qualified professionals to the UAE, the Job Exploration Visa was introduced and will be issued starting October 3, 2022. Without a sponsor, visa holders may look into employment prospects, including attending meetings and job interviews, and pursue other business options like starting a firm.

Here is the complete details you must know about the new Job Exploration Visa if you’re searching for employment in the UAE, including its validity, what the costs are, what qualifications you must meet, and any other queries you may have.

The significance of the new visa

  1. For those looking for work, entering the nation will be more straightforward with the new entrance permit Job searchers who are already present in the UAE and accessible to meet prospective employers have a benefit.
  2. Those stationed here have a better chance of getting interviews and being employed since it demonstrates their commitment to the UAE and poses less of a “risk” to an employer than someone presently overseas.
  3. The permission will offer job searchers more time “to prepare themselves adequately and seek further help from the choice of company.

Purpose and Aim of Job Exploration Visa

  1. The Advanced Visa System, which intends to increase the number of residents, is a substantial reform of the nation’s present immigration policy.
  2. In addition to streamlining procedures, it includes a variety of residency options for all market segments, including investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, specialists, high-achieving students and graduates, humanitarian trailblazers, frontline workers, and skilled labour fields.
  3. The authority’s strategy to provide ground-breaking services is supported by the new, updated visa system, which includes simplified processes, regulations, and procedures, as well as additional facilities to satisfy the demands of all types of foreigners and residents in the future.

Who is eligible to apply for a UAE Job Exploration visa?

For a UAE Job Exploration visa, the following requirements must be met. You qualify if you fall into one of the following categories, according to UAE officials:

  1. According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE), persons classified as having the first, second, or third skill level are eligible for a visa.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent should be the prerequisite for employment.
  3. Additionally, accepting applications are recent graduates from the top 500 colleges worldwide.

Job Exploration Visa Validity in the UAE

According to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP), a Job Exploration visa validity in the UAE comes for 60, 90, and 120 days, as opposed to a typical UAE visit visa’s one-month duration. Consequently, those who want to relocate to the UAE have up to four months to check into the local employment market.

What is the cost of a visa for the UAE?

The cost of a visa for the UAE is determined by the validity period you choose, which begins at 60 days.

  1. It will cost AED 1,495 to get a job exploration visa with 60-day validity.
  2. AED 1,655 is the cost of the 90-day option.
  3. There is a fee of AED 1,815 for a 120-day work visa.

A security deposit of AED 1,025 and insurance are included in all costs.

What documents are needed for Job exploration Visa ?

To apply for a Job exploration Visa following documents are required:

  1. A copy of your passport,
  2. A colored ID picture, and
  3. Certified qualification documents (such as your Bachelor’s degree or skill certifications) to apply for a UAE Job Exploration visa.
  4. Depending on your application, more paperwork could be needed.

Business Entry visa

  1. The availability of entry permits for investment possibilities is another recent development.
  2. The duration of the single-entry visa might be 60, 90, or 120 days.
  • It invites investors and businesspeople to look into business and investment possibilities in the UAE without needing a sponsor or host.

For more information relating to the procedure for the application of Visa, its cost and validity, please don’t hesitate to contact HHS Lawyers in Dubai UAE.

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