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Muslim and Christian Marriage in UAE

The marriages are governed by UAE law, and according to this law, marriage is the only legal bond for a man and woman to establish a relationship. (For e.g. when a Muslim man and Christian woman wish to get married, a Christian man will have to provide proof of conversion). In all cases, there are specific legal requirements to be satisfied, before conducting a Muslim and Christian marriage.

Where to perform?

For initiating marriage as per Islamic law future couple can approach UAE courts to perform the marriage.

Legal requirements

Legal validity: Marriage contract needs to be registered in the UAE.

Presence of the couple: Attendance of both the couple is required to be on the scheduled date for marriage.

Premedical screening: A premarital medical certificate for future spouses that can provide the medical status of both parties. This kind of certificate normally mentions that the parties initiating for marriage are medically fit to initiate marriage. This certificate is issued from any public health care facilities in Dubai

 Legal representative: Attendance of a legal representative or his proxy is required. For a woman to get married, she needs the consent of her guardian. In case of the legal representative is not present, the presence of the next closest male guardian can be approved as a witness (i.e. closest kin such as a brother, uncle or cousin is required).

No objection letter: If the bride and the legal representative belong to different religions then she needs to provide a no-objection letter from the relevant authority for representing the legal representative as a witness for initiating marriage.

Provisions of Muslim and Christian marriages

General requirements for conducting marriage between Muslim and Christian are listed below

Basis Marriage requirements

  • Valid residency permits to stay within the country.
  • Premedical screening certificate on behalf of both the parties.
  • Presence of legal representative on behalf of the bride with two witnesses.

 Marriage between Muslim and Christian:

Muslims belonging to any nationality can marry in the UAE court. UAE law states that Muslims can marry a woman of any nationality in order to marry in UAE court.

Muslim marriage for UAE nationals:

The Law demands that the wedding should be performed in the Marriage Section of UAE Courts.

In case of any dowry agreements, it should be specified and paid directly to the bride beforehand. Else, a written declaration, confirming about no dowry requirement should be produced.

All emirates in the UAE mandates that a legal representative of the bride be present at the time of the wedding, including two additional witnesses.

Christian Marriages in UAE:

The laws for initiating a Christian marriage vary depending on nationality. Laws and procedures of the home country are applicable for conducting the marriage in UAE. Seeking Guidance from family attorney will provide better knowledge about the laws applicable in the marriage of the same religion and a Cristian marring a different religion.

Mixed Religion Marriages

To conduct the marriage procedures for religions other than Islam or Christianity, contact a respective lawyer to find out about the best procedure.HHS lawyers and legal consultants provide you a detail & comprehensive assessment of Muslim and Cristian marriage procedures. Our Marriage Lawyers capable of delivering quality and result oriented services on behalf of our clients. You can book your consultation for further details.

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