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“Tegahwa’’- an innovative Digital platform to reduce Divorce rate at early stages of marriage in Abu Dhabi

According to research carried out by the Department of Community Development, more than half of all emirates in Abu Dhabi, 62 per cent, face Divorce during the first four years of marriage. Therefore, the Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development, in collaboration with the Family Development Foundation (FDF) and the private sector, has launched a “Tegahwa” initiative. It is an innovative digital platform. 

What is ‘Tegahwa’?

Tegahwa is a traditional Emirati word rooted in authentic customs, which means that important issues are discussed, and the problems are addressed between the two spouses’ families. The platform is now in its trial phase. It will be overseen by FDF and run by family relations specialists from the private sector, including Takalam Online Counselling, Yas Island, and Maudsley Health.

How is Tegahwa helpful?

‘Tegahwa’ is Abu Dhabi’s first incentive-driven marriage counselling platform, designed to help you improve your marriage and make it a part of your daily life. With Tegahwa, you choose the space, time, and location for professional and licensed counsellors to help you strengthen your marriage relationship while earning attractive benefits to spend quality time with your family and reflect on the lessons learned.

DCD’s ongoing research initiatives, such as the Quality of Life (QOL) survey, have created ‘Tegahwa’. It aids in the identification of community and member concerns and the development of long-term solutions. The initiative contributes to the Department’s vision of providing a decent life for every community member while fostering family cohesion, enhancing societal well-being, and increasing Abu Dhabi residents’ happiness.

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‘Tegahwa’ Guarantees Privacy and Confidentiality

The platform is developed to provide a comfortable environment that ensures confidentiality, privacy, and easy access based on the requirements of the spouses. The FDF is interested in providing psychological and social counselling and guidance to couples through the ‘Tegahwa’ platform. It has taken proactive steps to protect married life from complications that obstruct the stability and advancement of families for the better while maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality for service applicants.

Aims of ‘Tegahwa’ Initiative

The primary goals of the ‘Tegahwa” Initiative are as follows: 

  1. To provide the married couple with assistance, guidance, and counsel from the professionals in family matters.
  2. To improve family bonding.
  3. To raise awareness about the critical nature of seeking professional help at the first sign of conflict to lower the Divorce rate in the early years of marriage.
  4. To assist in identifying community challenges and ensuring the development of feasible solutions.
  5. To improve family-community communication and bridging emotional gaps caused by one family member’s preoccupation with work, study, or necessities of life, and
  6. To make the process of improving a married relationship simple, rewarding, and enjoyable.

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Causes of Divorce in Emirates

The creation of the digital platform of ‘Tegahwa” is based on Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development (DCD) research findings. It revealed that around 62% of Emirati couples in Abu Dhabi divorce during the first four years of marriage. The Abu Dhabi DCD have highlighted the following principal reason behind Divorce in Emirates:

  1. Inadequate communication and conflict resolution skills between spouses 
  2. a lack of quality time spent with each other, and 
  3. A delay or reluctance to seek marriage counselling from family law specialists in the emirate.

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How “Tegahwa” aids in Divorce Rate Reduction?

‘Tegahwa seeks to support and guide couples who have difficulties talking, understanding, and resolving conflicts. It also counsels on the matters where spouses face challenges relating to child-rearing, leading to disagreements.

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