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Attestation Services

HHS Lawyers is a Dubai based law firm that guides you through every step of the legalization process and ensures that our document attestation service is reliable, fast and less costly while being committed to highest business standards.

Document Attestation, Apostille, and Affidavit Services

HHS Lawyers have more than 10 years of experience. We serve clients throughout the Middle East and around the world, HHS lawyers provide consulting and services to obtain Government authentication of personal and business documents from the ministry of foreign affairs, Dubai Courts, Notary Public and related authorities.

Please contact us on +971 4 2555496 (Dubai), sales@hhslawyers.com

List of Documents Attestation and True Copy Services by Regulated Lawyers:

Personal Document / Certificate Attestation
Birth certificate attestation Attestation of overseas travel permission for minors
Marriage certificate attestation Attestation of Social security
Death certificates attestation Attestation of Mark list
Attestation of divorce certificates Attestation of Sponsorship declaration
Attestation of passport copy Gift deed attestation
Attestation of power of attorney Attestation of Undertaking expenses for studies
Attestation of degree Attestation of Driving license
Attestation of school certificates and school records Attestation of Housemaid "no relationship" affidavit
Attestation of educational certificate Attestation of Certificate of good standing
Diploma certificate Attestation Nativity certificates Attestation
Graduate diploma certificate Attestation Attestation  of Last will and testament
Graduate certificate attestation Attestation of Grants of probate
Advanced diploma certificate Attestation Attestation of affidavit
Doctoral degree certificate attestation Attestation of Bankruptcy documents
Attestation of  agreements Attestation of Pet travel scheme documents
Medical certificate Attestation Attestation of Certificate of no-impediment
Attestation of Police clearances Attestation of Civil partnerships
Attestation Consent letter for children to travel overseas Attestation - Social security administration letters
Corporate Document / Certificate Attestation
Commercial power of attorney Attestation Attestation of Bill of lading
Commercial invoice Attestation Attestation of certificate of origin
Certificate of origin Attestation Attestation of commercial invoice
Attestation of Certificate of incorporation Attestation of Export license
Board of resolution certificate Attestation Attestation of Free sale certificate
Memorandum of association Attestation Attestation of Bank statements
Agreements Attestation Attestation of Export certificates
Articles of association Attestation of Import documents
Attestation of statement of capital Attestation of certificate of analysis
Attestation of annual return Attestation of distributorship agreements
Attestation of ISO certificate Attestation of corporate board resolution(s)
Direction identification number (DIN) / trade documents (sales deeds / MOU / agreements) Attestation - Appointment of distributor or authorization of agent

Professional Fees Requirements
Certification of true copy is AED 250 per Document of one page, each additional page AED 25 extra. True copy services: Original document must be presented along with clear copy
Attestation of a document AED 750 for each Document Attestation services: Please send us a copy of document to be attested

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach us at: Tel: +971 4 2555496 or
Mobile: +971 50 481 2157 E-mail: info@hhslawyers.com