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What Can I do if Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in UAE

What is a Sex Crime?

This is the type of crime that involves a sexual offense. Usually, it includes rape or any sexual abuse that is stated in a country’s laws as sexual offenses.

Types of Sex Crimes

  • Prostitution

There are countries in the world that make prostitution legal and illegal as well. This is the act of accepting money in exchange for sexual actions.

  • Rape

Rape is the act of forcing sexual intercourse or penetration towards someone against their will.

  • Statutory Rape

This is having a sexual intercourse with an individual who has not yet reached the legal age of consent. There can be no force for this to happen but the perpetrator can still be charged with an unlawful act as it violates the law.

  • Sexual Assault

This is a kind of sex crime that is composed of sexual touching or contact that is not consented by an individual.

Why Do People Make Up False Accusations?

  1. Alibi—Accusers sometimes make up lies so they can have an alibi. This is a general observation with regard to the number of people who have made up accusations to cover up what really happened. It can be to conceal an infidelity, premarital sex, etc. Sometimes, it’s the parents that even lodged the complaint instead of the individual. There was a case before that a person with cognitive deficits who was caught by her mom with a boy in compromising position and said it was a rape. It took her a couple of months to admit it was consensual.
  2. Personal gain—There are things that can be gained by an accuser from making up a lie depending on the case or situation of the accuser. There can be an interest on their part because it might help them in gaining more or there can be none because filing a complaint in itself will serve its purpose already. People who do this for personal gain usually have a history of certain crimes before.
  1. Mental issues—There are people, on the other hand, who suffer from certain mental diseases that render them to believe that specific actions were done against them. They can file a claim against you even when you didn’t actually have any contact with them simply because they are not mentally capable of distinguishing reality from not. There have been cases like this in some parts of the world.
  2. Revenge—This is another reason why people make up statements against other people. However, it’s less likely for a reason than the others above. Fewer people accuse their former lovers of a sex crime because they have been dumped or rejected.

What Can You Do in This Event?

Hire an attorney

You need to find the best attorney that you can find. In the UAE, there are a lot of law firms in Dubai with a team of lawyers who are experienced in this field. By sharing them what happened and your side of the story, you can understand your case more and know how to face it.

When you receive the news of the accusations or if you’ve been served, your attorney can give you an advice on what you should do or not do. In this case, you should really not own up to that lie regardless of what happens or what other people advise you to do.

Update your family and friends about what happened

It’s always good to have a support system especially when it comes from your family or friends. You should tell them the whole story before they hear about it from someone else. You can let them know of your fears and any advice that they can give you.

Collect evidence if you are the victim

Some people might be just turning the situation around in a negative way. In this, they might be accusing you of something that they did in order to escape the consequences.

It is possible to counter their claim. You can speak with one of the lawyers in Dubai right away if this is the case so that you can both plan on what to do. Evidence should then be procured for your claim to be supported.

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