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Wills in UAE

A last will and testament or living will is a legal document that has the plans of the testator regarding his or her assets or personal matters and the names of the beneficiaries. Expatriates can register their wills in Dubai, which can be applied in any Emirate in the UAE. When one does not have a will drafted or does not have any plan in writing a will at all while being a resident in the UAE, a couple of undesirable things for his part can happen, such as frozen bank accounts (single or joint), cancelled dependent visas, UAE law may apply on your predicament that can be unfavorable for your perspective, possibility of frozen/delayed investments, and the likelihood of arguments within the family regarding the assets. The abovementioned UAE law is called the Sharia law that will govern the distribution of assets and such when a last will and testament or a living will is not present. It can be undesirable for the person and for the family that is left behind because Sharia law has its own principles that are followed. It is essential that the best for your family is received by them, and while you can do something about it these days, might as well start writing a will now.

Will Lawyers and Attorney Services

HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants is one of the leading legal service firms that has specialist will makers and lawyers to write wills in Dubai, UAE. Our will solicitors can help you to write your own will and get it registered. If you are looking for a probate attorney or lawyer, we can give you the aid that you need, may it be on helping you with some other legal matters that you have a need of. Drafting a will may be a difficult task that’s why HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants, having more than 30 years of experience in the legal field, can give you an assurance that we can provide a quality service. Please book a consultation here.

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